We Take your complex idea and turn it into an Easy to understand Narrative.

We provide much more than video production. We produce a full, end-to-end process that a ensures measurable, impactful video marketing. The art of persuasive storytelling gets clients and their customers on the same wavelength. Achieving this requires a skillful and nuanced approach. Our clients come to White + Joyal to move their customers to experience their product or service in a new way.

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We dive deep into your company’s ethos and get to know your customer base. Where are they and what are they looking for? How can we help them solve their problems?



We use the detailed data we collect from you and your customers to develop a video story that drives buying decisions.



We produce pieces that have impact. Our videos drive metrics, from e-commerce conversions, to quantifiable audience growth. What’s more, we use data to drive our production decisions.


Video is only successful if it's being seen, but views are just the start. We'll distribute your video content to hit your targets and offer you the biggest bang for your budget.

Why humans watch video

People engage with brands best when it piques our emotional state.

Strong marketing content needs to encompass all of our senses. Even a short clip can deliver a big emotional payoff, and participants can feel more energetic and positive (and less anxious, annoyed or sad) after only a few minutes watching a captivating video. This is at the very heart of why video is so compelling. When done right, we rely on visual communication to understand one another. Facial expressions and gestures enhance our linguistic content and tone of voice. Video is one of the most effective content types for conveying emotional messaging.

Making this work for you

To produce the right video, you have to choose the right platform for your audience. Driving conversions is all about knowing your audience's needs and how to reach them. Each platform drives a certain audience, which can affect the way potential customers engage with your brand. Not all platforms are alike.


Social Media

Most social platforms enable auto-playing videos, which means that to get the best response, your content must be visually compelling right from the start.


Taking advantage of this platform is all about the element of surprise: successful videos are those that disrupt our expectations, change our emotional state, and yes, make us laugh!

Video for Business

Onsite videos should be goal-oriented and work within the context of a page—never sitting in isolation. If you want to increase play rate, visual branding is key. In addition, the video’s prominence on the page will also impact engagement.

~Your Website~

There are several platforms you can utilize that have been developed specifically for this purpose (Wistia, Brightcove, and Vidyard). Offering more detailed analytics, tools, & functionality for personalization, these services can help to manage your content and gather vital data to optimize your approach.