What we do

We produce the right video for the right audience.

White + Joyal Creative is an industry-leading marketing agency with a focus in video marketing content strategy. At White + Joyal, we produce marketing content through video that has a measurable impact. Using a holistic approach to production, our creative process utilizes discovery, narrative development, and strategy distribution to create videos to meet our clients’ individual needs. We are a data-driven team located all over the country, but are lucky to call Burlington, Vermont our point of focus.


We take your complex idea and turn it into a straightforward message

that connects with your audience.

We partnered with SAP! Maple water to communicate their brand narrative through video.

White + Joyal collaborated with Seventh Generation to increase e-commerce conversions.

At Horse Network, we utilized our production insights and capabilities to drive 15 million video views a month. 

 By optimizing user flow through targeted video distribution, we increased Venture.co's active users by 3X.


Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether the story we're telling is big or small, complex or simple, it serves to take us on a journey from one emotional state to another. Customers who have watched a product video are 100% more likely to convert and spend 9.1% more than customers who are not engaged through video. Video that captures a company’s ideal product or service can increase conversions by 80% and increase click-through rates by more than 300%.